How to Spend A $200,000 Renovation Budget

If you have a house that you are looking to sell at some point later down the line, or that is currently for sale, you might want to think about how to spend the $200,000 that you have saved for the house renovation.

Many people choose to improve their home with painting, carpentry, and refurbishment improvement jobs. These types of renovations will help you build equity in your home and prevent you from spending more money on repairs down the road (if you invest on quality parts & workmanship). Below, we will go through some ideas & suggestions on how you can spend a $200,000 budget on renovation.

You might have a window in one of your rooms. Painting the frame would make it look better and more welcoming. Your kids will be excited to wake up in a room they love. If you like, you can paint all of the windows in your home with a light shade of blue or white.And splash other vibrant colors across the walls to match or blend.

Are you planning to add a new kitchen? Look for high end kitchens that will last for decades to come. Something that is also attractive and gives off a good vibe. Consider adding in tiles, a new floor, and maybe even a few vases on the windowsill.

It would be easy to just buy a basic bathtub and install it in a day, but you could spend a few extra dollars by getting a tub that has different styles, colors, and shapes. You could buy one that fits your style of bathroom, or you could buy one that goes with your style of kitchen. Add in a new shower, toilet, sink, and tiles. Make sure you get a reputable bathroom fitter to fit it all in. Ask them to show you the range of bathroom styles available, and pick something modern, luxury and that is built to last a long time.

Painting is also an ideal way to spend the money on a house renovation. Some people prefer to stick with light colors, and others like dark colors.  Different colors have different effects on a persons mental health. You can read more about this here. So research the color which you think will be most suited for your needs.

Adding new windows is another great way to spend your money. Many people do not know that you can actually upgrade your windows yourself. Get all of the hardware, and then install them yourself. But like other renovations, it is best to get in a contractor. Go with double glazing and add anti burglary mechanisms.

You can also add a great new entrance to your home. Maybe a patio or an arch, surrounded with plants.

You might also consider getting furniture that is upholstered. By doing this, you can have a nicer looking home without having to make a large renovation. You could get an upholstered sofa for the living room, and an upholstered recliner for the bedroom.

Many people overlook the importance of curtains. Curtains can be very decorative and add beauty to a room. You can go for a French country look, or you can go for a Victorian style.

These are just a few ideas for how to spend the money on a house renovation.

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